Castle’s History

Blaye, Gironde
Build in 1856
Adjoining chapel
Marquis de Lagrange

The Castle

Château Borgeat de Lagrange is located in Blaye, on the edge of the estuary. A turret bearing the date 1641 as well as a datable fountain from the 17th century isolated in the park remind us of the presence of an old castle which has now disappeared.
It is in this place which already bore his name, that M le Marquis de Lagrange, senator and member of the institute, grand officer of the legion of honor, chose to build in 1856 a delicious Neo-Gothic castle on the plans of the Bordeaux architect Gustave Alaux. It includes a vast body of building flanked by an octagonal tower with machicolation and a small turret. Multiple gargoyles and chimeras decorate the building and give the château a surprisingly magical side. It is connected to the old turret by a chapel decorated with beautiful paintings and stained glass windows.
As for the vineyard, it was classified in first cru bourgeois and in second bourgeois for the wines of palus, as mentioned in the various editions of « Bordeaux and its wines » in the second half of the 19th century.
We have restored the 19th century atmosphere to the château in order to make visitors travel both in its prestigious past and in the discovery of the most renowned wines in the world.



The Vineyard

The Château Borgeat de Lagrange vineyard has a history linked to the property.
Thus, from the 17th century under Count Antoine Deluc De Lagrange, an important vineyard faced the Château.
Later, in the 19th century, under the Marquis de Lagrange, it was listed as a 1st cru bourgeois classified from 1868 in multiple works by Cocks&Féret: “Bordeaux and its wines”.
He also won numerous awards, notably during the universal exhibitions of Bordeaux in 1895 and that of Paris in 1900.
The Château Borgeat de Lagrange vineyard is today in one piece with the Château over an area of 12 hectares including 8 hectares of Merlot and 4 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon. The location is ideal, overlooking the Gironde estuary, facing the other side of the Gironde estuary to the town of Saint Julien du Médoc.
The castle’s wines are available at the property during your stay so you can fully enjoy the history of this place.




The current owners, Tristan and Estelle Borgeat, brother and sister, have embarked on the renovation of this magnificent property to restore it to its former splendor. Significant renovation work has been undertaken in the Château section, in order to welcome you in these majestic rooms and lounges.
It has also been completely refurnished, the original furniture having been sold at auction in the 1950s… but fortunately we are in possession of a period document allowing us to refurnish it as close as possible to the original.
The renovations are not finished (will they one day?) and you will be able to admire, over the months and years, the modifications which restore it, day after day, to its past splendor.
The vineyard and outbuildings have not been neglected, with the renewal of part of the historic vineyard of the estate. Likewise for the stables and old wine cellars, separated for more than half a century from the property, are now reunited.
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